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Tips To Protect Your Carpet With Kids And Pets for Homeowners in Centennial CO

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners in Centennial, CO, face many challenges when it comes to carpet care, especially if they have small kids or pets running around. However, we can help you keep your carpet looking spotless amidst all the chaos. Just read the following pet and kid-friendly carpet-cleaning tips and protect your carpet even with kids and pets at home.

5 Valuable Tips To Protect Your Carpet With Kids And Pets

1. Set Ground Rules

Setting up rules is a simple way to prevent spills and stains on your carpet. That’s why we advise homeowners with kids and pets to enforce certain rules in their homes.

You can make your kids take their shoes off before entering the house and strictly forbid eating or drinking on the carpet. Also, you can have a fixed play area on the carpet to limit the mess. These rules will reduce wear and tear and make the cleanup easier.

2. Place Doormats

Another easy way to protect your carpet from damage with kids around is to place doormats at your home’s entrance and under the pet door for your furry friend. It will keep the dirt and grime from dirty shoes and muddy paws away from your carpet, preserving its spotless look.

3. Treat Spills Right Away

We understand that spills and stains will likely occur in a household with toddlers and pets. But quick action can minimize the damage and stop it from spreading further.

We always recommend tackling spills and pet accidents as soon as possible with an absorbent cloth. Try to remove as much liquid as you can with the cloth. Then spray a mild carpet cleaner ( 1 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap + 1 cup warm water). Let it sit for a while, and dab it again with a cloth dipped in water.

Avoid scrubbing the area while cleaning to prevent the stain from setting. You can remove anything from wine stains to pet urine with this method. But if the spill is solid or semi-solid, remove the debris before dealing with the stain.

4. Use Enzymatic Cleaners To Reduce Pee Smell

The odor from pet accidents lingers long after you remove the stain. It is due to the remaining stain particles and bacteria hidden inside the carpet fibers. The bacteria continues to spread the smell and may also lead to harmful diseases.

The only way to remove this odor and bacteria forever is with enzymatic cleaners like Bubba’s Rowdy Friends or Skout’s Honor. These solutions contain enzymes that break down the stain particle and kill the odor-causing bacteria. They prevent the smell from returning, making your carpet smell fresh.

5. Make Vacuuming A Habit

The best thing you can do to keep your carpets clean is to make vacuuming a habit. Our experts suggest a vacuuming frequency of 4-5 times a week for households with pets and small kids.

You should vacuum the carpet wall-to-wall and use attachments like the pet hair remover to clean up the fur. Daily vacuuming will prevent carpet fading and protect it from dirt, grime, and pet hairs. So invest in a good vacuum cleaner as per your requirements and maintain a regular vacuuming schedule.

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