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Benefits of Regular Oriental Rug Cleaning

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Beautiful Persian and oriental rugs are a highlight of your home. These exotic items, with their plush appearance, give your home a vibrant and colorful look. But they are also costly investments that require regular cleaning and maintenance efforts to keep looking their best.

So, in this blog, we will explore the benefits of regular oriental rug cleaning and how it’ll be a worthwhile investment for your rug.

Key Benefits of Regular Oriental Rug Cleaning

1. Improves Your Rug’s Look

The primary appeal of an oriental rug is its looks. However, the constant accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime ruins its appearance and design, leading to color fading and wear and tear.

Experts vacuum and deep-clean your rug, which removes all the accumulated pollutants. It enhances your rug’s look and makes it look brighter and more beautiful than before. 

2. Protects Your Investment

Oriental rugs are not cheap and, depending on your preference, can cost you around $250-350 on average. While these rugs are durable and can last long, the constant foot traffic and debris can cut your rug’s life short. 

Professionals prevent this type of damage to your rug and ensure that it looks spotless. Moreover, it also preserves the value of your oriental rug and maintains its resale value, helping you protect your investment.

3. Maintains Air Quality 

Oriental rugs act like huge filters. They trap dirt, dust, and allergens that enter your home. But when they get saturated, these allergens get released into the air. It lowers the IAQ of your home and increases the chances of allergies and diseases.

Experts have powerful equipment that extracts dust and allergens from the rugs. It improves the indoor air quality of your home drastically and reduces the chances of allergies and infections. 

4. Targeted Stain Removal

Stains and spills can negatively impact your oriental rug, as they lead to permanent staining and discoloration. In some cases, they may even ruin the design and patterns your rug is known for.

But by getting your oriental rug cleaned by experts, you prevent these issues. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the toughest stains and restore your rug to its original condition without any side effects.

5. Convenience

Hiring professionals to clean your rug is more convenient than cleaning it yourself. It’s because pros have the necessary skills and equipment to do a better job of cleaning your oriental rug. 

Additionally, you may not have enough time to clean your rug properly, which can lead to an incomplete cleaning and many side effects. Expert cleaning solves this issue and frees up your time for the more important things in life.

At Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning, we provide oriental rug cleaning at the most affordable cost. We have the necessary skills and equipment to restore your beautiful rug to its former glory at your leisure and convenience. So, for a long-lasting rug cleaning, contact us at 720-447-6865.

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