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How To Clean Your Oriental Rug in Denver?

How To Clean Your Oriental Rug in Denver?

Oriental rugs are all the rage nowadays due to their intricate woven patterns and bold designs. But oriental rugs require frequent cleaning to maintain flawless appearance, as mistakes can leave them dull and drab.

That’s why, in this blog, our experts have discussed the best way to clean an oriental rug. With this, you'll be able to clean your beautiful rug effectively and maintain its pristine look for longer.

Best Way to Clean Your Oriental Rug

1. Prepare Rug for Cleaning

The first step is to prepare your rug for cleaning. You simply have to remove any furniture on the rug and remove it from its place. It’s best to relocate the rug to an open space during cleaning to get the best results. So, if you have a huge backyard, take your rug there for cleaning.

2. Remove Dirt and Debris

Removing the dirt and debris from the rug first is important, as these contaminants can bring down your rug’s look. So flip the rug on the back side and start vacuuming.

Go over the backside a couple of times to remove the deeply embedded debris. Then, move to the top side. Remove the beater bar from your vacuum to avoid damage to the delicate rug fibers.

Vacuum in the direction of rug fibers and move slowly. Practice caution and avoid vacuuming the fringe, as it can get damaged. To vacuum the fringes, use an upholstery attachment instead.

3. Make the Cleaning Solution

Using harsh carpet cleaners and solutions on your rug can lead to discoloration and fading. To avoid this,  make the cleaning solution yourself using homemade ingredients.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add four tablespoons of mild dish detergent in it. Use cold water if you are cleaning wool rugs, but avoid using warm water to prevent rug shrinkage.

4. Do a Color Test

Before using the solution on the rug, check it for color-fastness. Test the solution on a small, hidden corner of the rug. The solution can cause the dye in the rug to run and cause discoloration. So, doing a color test becomes important to prevent damage to your rug.

5. Wash the Rug

Use a soft-bristled brush to work the solution into the rug. Avoid scrubbing too hard to prevent damage to your oriental rug. Let the solution sit on the rug for at least five minutes to work on the dirt and stains before rinsing it.

6. Clean the Fringe

Your rug’s fringe is more delicate than the rug, so you have to clean it separately. Straighten the fringe by combing it out and apply a vinegar and water solution to remove excessive stains. Then, scrub it with a soft-bristled brush to remove the deep-seated dirt and rinse with cold water.

7. Rinse the Rug

Then, use a squeegee to remove dirt and suds from the rug. Spray some water to remove the excess detergent and go over it with a squeegee again. Place some clothes on the rug and apply pressure to saturate as much liquid as possible.

8. Let the Rug Dry

Properly drying the rug is important to prevent mold growth on your beautiful rug. You should dry your rug in an airy location and use fans to speed up the process. So flip the rug and let it air dry completely before flipping it to the other side. 

Ensure that your rug is completely dry from both sides before returning it to the room to prevent color fading and damage to your rug’s woven pattern.

You can easily clean your oriental rug with these step-by-step guides. You just need to remember two crucial things: avoid using harsh chemicals on the rug and use the least amount of moisture while cleaning the rug.

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