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Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of every homeowner's routine. Although you must be taking extreme care while cleaning your precious investment, there are some do's and don'ts of carpet cleaning that you should keep in mind which will help make the process even more efficient for you.

Do's Of Carpet Cleaning

1. Do vacuum at least once a week

Our experts highly recommend vacuuming your carpet regularly to remove the surface dirt and prevent it from settling. This will help maintain it in a good state for a long time.

2. Do check the care label

Every carpet type needs a different type of cleaning. Make sure you check the cleaning needs of your carpet on the manufacturer's label. Provide the cleaning as per the code it describes and the material it is made of.

3. Do read the product instructions

Before you use any store-bought OTC carpet cleaning product, we always advise reading the usage instructions written behind it. They state the right method to use it and also the type of stains it is suitable for.

4. Do test the product before use

Many products, whether DIY or commercial, tend to pose a risk of discoloration and damage. To prevent any harm to the colors and texture of your carpet, always test a small quantity of the product on a hidden area of your carpet.

5. Do give it a "water rinse" after spot cleaning

After you are done removing a stain from your carpet, make sure you rinse the spot with a cloth dipped in plain water to remove any residue of soap or cleaning product. Else, it will attract dirt and make your carpet filthy again.

6. Do provide a stain resistance

Prevent the spills from seeping deep into your carpet's backing and causing permanent staining by applying a layer of protection. This will help make spot cleaning easier and also maintain it for a long time.

7. Do give it a deeper clean biannually

Along with routine cleanup, it is also essential to call professionals to give your carpets a deep cleaning at least every 6 months. Professional carpet cleaning helps remove ingrained dirt and germs which normal cleaning cannot remove.

Don'ts Of Carpet Cleaning

1. Don't let the spills sit longer

Always clean the spills as soon as possible. By letting them sit for long, you are allowing them to enter into its backing and increasing the chances of staining. The stains will be harder to remove later.

2. Don't rub the stains

Aggressively rubbing the stain causes friction which can not just damage your carpet fibers but also cause the stain to spread even more. Instead of rubbing, you should simply blot the spill with a cloth until it absorbs all the moisture.

3. Don’t use steam to clean urine spots

When dealing with pet accidents, the hot steam is not effective at cleaning urine spots because it sets the stains and smell in the carpet. Urine spots should always be cleaned with cool water.

4. Don’t use harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals reduce the lifespan of your carpet over time. They leave a residue that attracts dirt and their strong fumes can be harmful to your kids and pets. We recommend only using green cleaning products for your carpet.

5. Don’t overwet

Avoid overwetting your carpet while cleaning, as it can lead to excess moisture that, if not removed properly, can lead to mold growth and odor. Also, extremely soaked carpets take a lot of time to dry thus making the process time-consuming.

6. Don't mask the odors; neutralize them

Masking the odors with carpet deodorizers and similar products will just temporarily cover the odor, not working on eliminating the source of the odor. Use an odor neutralizer that works and kills the source.

7. Don't walk until fully dry

Walking on even a slightly damp carpet can make its fibers trap the traffic dirt. That will, in turn, attract dirt and make it filthy right after its cleaning session.


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