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Experience The Power of Steam Cleaning: Deep Cleansing Carpets for a Fresh Feel

Updated: May 19

More than 50 million US adults suffer from allergies every year. If you live with allergies, you know how frustrating it can be. But, did you know your carpet could be making it worse?

That's because various allergens can get trapped in the fibers. A fresh and clean home is key to a healthy living environment.

Steam cleaning your carpets is hands-down the best way to get them really clean. You can trust a professional firm to do it right.

Read on to learn a little more about the benefits and why steam cleaning your carpets is better than traditional cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Rejuvenates Carpets, Providing a Long-Lasting Freshness

Steam cleaning and deep cleansing carpets is a great way to give a room a fresh new look. Steam cleaning deeply cleans carpets, removing things that build up over time, like:

  • Dirt

  • Dust

  • Allergens

  • Bacteria

Steam cleaning also improves the appearance, texture and color of a carpet. This can bring a bright and invigorating feel to any room.

Not only is the steam action powerful and efficient, but it's environmentally friendly too. Steam is a natural and safe cleaning method. It uses no harsh chemicals, dyes or bleaches.

At the same time, carpet steam cleaning is fast and effective, eliminating all the ground-in dirt and residue in your carpets. From deep-down dirt removal to complete dirt and stain removal, steam cleaning makes it easy to revitalize your carpets.

This gives you a renewed and invigorated feel in no time. Experience the power of steam and discover how it makes carpets look great again.

What Are the Health Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Carpets?

Steam cleaning your carpets can provide healthier, more hygienic indoor environments due to its deep cleansing power. Steam cleaning penetrates deep into the fibers of your carpets and removes deeply embedded dirt, stains, dust and other material that vacuuming will not.

The high heat of the steam also kills bacteria, and reduces allergens and odors. Additionally, due to the fact that steam cleaning does not use shampoos or other cleaning agents, there is no residue or debris left behind that could be inhaled or ingested.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

What's the Process of Getting Your Carpets Steam Cleaned?

Steam cleaning is an incredibly effective way to deep clean carpets for a fresh feel. This is because steam penetrates down deep into the carpet fibers, removing dirt, dust, and other accumulated debris.

Here's what you can expect from a steaming cleaning service.

Step One: Vacuuming the Carpets

Before you start steam cleaning your carpets for a fresh feel, you need to vacuum them. Vacuuming removes surface dirt, dust and pet hairs that may be lodged in the fibers of the carpets.

Vacuuming also helps to get rid of any lingering particles like pollen or other allergens that have settled into the carpets. Vacuuming is necessary in order to get the carpets ready for the deep steam cleaning process since it helps to remove any debris that could clog or damage the steam cleaning equipment.

Step Two: Pretreating Stubborn or Heavily Soiled Areas

The next step of the process is pretreating stubborn or heavily soiled areas. This includes spraying pre-treatment solutions generously over and into the carpet fibers.

Allow the solution to sit for five to ten minutes before agitating the pre-treatment solution to help loosen any embedded solids. To do this, rub the solution into the carpet fibers with a hard brush. Concentrate on areas that have heavily soiled spots.

This will help to break-up the solid residue, but must be done immediately after applying the pre-treatment solution to ensure it doesn’t soak deep into the carpet. This step will help to remove dirt, grime, and oil residue for a deep, clean feeling when the steam cleaning process is complete.

Step Three: It's Time to Steam Clean Your Carpets

Carefully glide the steam cleaner over the carpet to remove all the dirt and debris. Make sure to move the steam cleaner slowly and steadily to prevent damage or leaving watermarks. Fully steam clean every area of the carpet twice.

Step Four: Wait for Your Carpets to Dry

Once the steam cleaning is finished, the carpets need to dry. The drying process is dependent on how much steam was used, how large the affected area is and the amount of water absorbed. To ensure your carpets are completely dry, we recommend you wait a minimum of six hours.

During this time, open windows or use fans to circulate the air and reach maximum drying. If the carpets have not reached a point of complete dryness after six hours, wait for an additional two hours before walking on them to prevent unnecessary staining or damage.

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Steam Cleaning?

When hiring a professional for steam cleaning, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly. Professionals have the experience and knowledge of how to use the equipment and use the correct cleaning solutions for your particular type of carpet.

They also have the right tools for a deep clean. Extraction machines use an intense amount of heat and pressure to perform a deeper clean.

Also, professionals will give your carpets the proper drying times and treatments to ensure that your carpets look their best. So, hire a professional and experience the power of steam cleaning for a deep clean that can make your carpets feel and look like new.

Experience Unparalleled Carpet Cleaning Power with Steam Cleaning Technology

Steam cleaning is an effective deep cleansing method for your carpets. Keep your carpets fresh and feeling new with the power of steam cleaning.

Are you ready to get a fresh feel for your carpets? Contact us today with questions or to book an appointment for your carpets.

Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning serves: Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker, Centennial, Castle Pines, Englewood and the surrounding areas.



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