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How to Clean and Maintain Different Types of Tiles?

How to Clean and Maintain Different Types of Tiles?

Their resilience and unmatched beauty make tiled floors a popular flooring option. But despite the durability of tiled floors, you need to clean them regularly to preserve their spotless appearance.

There are many different types of tiles available with different properties and cleaning needs. In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to clean each of these tiles and maintain their looks for a long time.

Ways to Clean and Maintain Different Types of Tiles

1. Porcelain Tile Floor

Porcelain Tile Floor

Porcelain tiled floors are the most common type of tile used in households. Cleaning them is very simple. Just maintain a regular cleaning schedule with sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

A simple solution of water and a pH-neutral cleaner like dishwashing detergent works best on porcelain tiles. Only use a mop with a microfiber head to clean porcelain tiles to avoid scratches and maintain the tiles in high-traffic areas. After mopping, rinse the area with cold water and dry using a clean towel.

2. Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles

Marble, travertine, granite, and slate tiles are classified as natural stone tiles. While their cleaning is similar to that of porcelain tiles, there are some key differences. First, you should only use soft-bristled brushes to clean natural stones, as they scratch easily.

Secondly, choose your cleaner carefully, as an acidic cleaner that works on marble tiles can cause discoloration in slate and granite tiles. To prevent this, test out any solution on a small area of the tiles and look for signs of damage.

3. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a cost-effective alternative to other expensive types of tiles. You can easily keep these tiles looking pristine by sweeping and cleaning them with water and vinegar solution.

However, avoid using abrasive cleaners such as steel wool on these tiles. Also, don’t steam clean vinyl tiles, as they can get damaged due to excess heat in the process. 

4. Cement Tiles

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are increasing in popularity due to their low cost, wide variety of options, and ease of maintenance. General cleaning with regular sweeping and mopping with a damp cloth is enough.

So, slightly wet the surface of cement tiles and scrub them with a nylon brush (avoid steel wool and other abrasive cleaners.) Only use non-acidic, pH-neutral cleaners on cement tiles to prevent major issues.

After cleaning with a manufacturer-recommended cleaner, rinse the tile with cold water. Don’t forget to seal the area with a high-quality sealer for long-lasting maintenance.

5. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are made of earthen clay fired up at a lower temperature. Unlike ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles lack glazing, which makes them porous and prone to staining.

The best way to keep terracotta tiles looking spotless is to vacuum and then mop them weekly. Treat the stain using a water and oxalic acid mixture and rinse with clear water. 

Other tips for maintaining terracotta tiles include avoiding the use of abrasive items like steel brushes to prevent scratching. Annual sealing will also help protect the terracotta tiles from staining and allergens.

Bottom Line

Different types of tiles have different cleaning needs. So before you clean any of your tiled floors, know what type of tiles you are dealing with. Also, remember to test out the cleaning solution on small areas of the floor to prevent fading and discoloration.

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