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How to Maintain High-Traffic Carpeted Areas in Parker Homes?

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets surely require regular maintenance to keep them in a tip-top state. However, certain areas of your carpeted floors face comparatively more wear and tear than the rest of your home.

These areas include high-traffic zones like entrances, stairs, and living room areas. With constant traffic and common use, they tend to ask for some extra attention to keep them clean. So, if you are looking to maintain the high-traffic carpeted areas in your Parker home, read ahead for some effective tips.

7 Tips on Maintaining Carpets in High Traffic Areas

1. Vacuum more often

High-traffic zones of your carpets can quickly soil with constant wear and tear. You can prevent their soiling by increasing your vacuuming frequency by making it 2 to 3 times a week. This will prevent the buildup of loose dirt and debris from settling deeper. 

To make it more efficient, you can use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Go over the areas in overlapping strokes, going slow to suction up the dirt thoroughly.

2. Clean up the spills right away

Be proactive about spot cleaning when it comes to heavy-traffic zones. They are more prone to spills and can quickly turn them into stains if not treated immediately.

Keep paper towels accessible and blot the stains as soon as you notice them happening. Removing carpet stains right away will save them from seeping deeper and make it easy to keep your carpet clean.

3. Install carpet protection

To protect your carpet from excess wear and tear, you can install a carpet protector. This will coat the carpet fibers, blocking the incoming dirt and spills from entering its backing. That makes it repel soiling and keeps it cleaner for longer while also extending its life.

4. Lay rugs and mats

If your carpets are more prone to frequent stains and dirt, you can lay area rugs over them. They will trap the dirt effectively while saving your carpet from excess soiling.

You can also place mats at the entry points of your home. These will prevent the dragging of outside dirt onto your carpet and keep it cleaner.

5. Rearrange furniture

One effective way to maintain carpets in high-traffic areas is to redirect the traffic in other directions. That can be done by changing the position or rearranging the furniture on your carpet. 

This prevents them from excess soiling on the same lanes over and over and distributes the wear equally, while also preventing your carpet from fading

6. Say No to shoes indoors

Restrict walking on your carpets with shoes on by making a no-shoes policy indoors. When the footwear bringing in dirt on your carpets will not be there, the soiling of your high-traffic carpet areas will be reduced to a great extent. 

7. Get a professional deep cleaning

Apart from providing routine cleaning, you should also invest in periodic deep cleaning of your heavy traffic areas. Professional deep cleaning effectively removes the deeply settled dirt, grime, and hidden dangers in your dirty carpet, which vacuuming cannot.

Schedule a deep clean-up every 6 months and it will help maintain it in a cleaner state for a long time.

Summing Up

High-traffic areas of your carpet demand a bit of extra care to keep them looking spotless. By vacuuming more often, being quick with the spot-cleaning, and protecting them from dirt using mats, rugs, and carpet protectors, you can effectively maintain your carpet in a tip-top state for longer.

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