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How to Prepare Carpets for Winter in Centennial CO?

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Winter is coming, and along with it comes snow, salt, and holidays. All these things have one thing in common: ruining your carpet’s spotless look. So, to protect your carpet from excess wear and tear during the winter, you need to make some preparations.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the best ways to prepare your carpet for winter that will preserve its appearance and keep it clean throughout the cold season.

Ways to Prepare Your Carpet for Winter

1. Increase Vacuuming Frequency

Many homeowners stop vacuuming when they board their houses up for the winter. But as the winter gets close, you need to increase the frequency of your vacuuming instead of decreasing it because dirt and grime will find a way to enter your home despite the closed doors and windows.

Regular vacuuming will keep these contaminants at bay and prevent carpet fading and other issues on your carpet. So ensure you vacuum your carpet at least 2-3 times a week during winter.

2. Keep the Shoes Outside

Winter is a bad time to be walking around the house with shoes on. It can track slush, mud, and snow from outside into your home and on your carpet, creating wet and muddy spots.

The best way to prevent this is to enforce a ‘no shoe inside’ policy in your home. It will prevent the entry of snow, mud, and dirt into your home and protect your carpet from excess wear and tear.

3. Invest in Sturdy Doormats

You should put sturdy doormats at your home’s entrance as soon as you feel the air getting colder. They reduce the chances of dirt, debris, and snow entering your home, protect your carpet fibers from damage, and prevent mold growth.

You can place these door mats both inside and outside your home to increase your carpet’s protection.

4. Stay on Top of Spills

Winter means snuggling in your home with a cup of joe and a novel. It also marks the start of the holiday season with gatherings and parties galore. These activities put your carpet at a significant risk of stains and spills.

So you should stay on top of all the messes and spills on your carpet to keep it winter-ready. For that, blot away any spill from coffee to red wine with a microfiber cloth as soon as they happen. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the future and prevent your carpet from staining.

5. Use a Stain Protector

Even when you are vigilant about the spills, you cannot address all of them as soon as they happen. But it’s too late when you try to get these stains out of your carpet. The best way to prepare your carpet for winter spills and stains is to make it spill-proof.

You can apply a stain protector on your carpet to do that. It will provide primary protection to the carpet by repelling spills and moisture. Moreover, it will make cleaning your carpet much easier.

Book Your Carpet Cleaning Service

As winter sets in, you won’t get time to get your carpet cleaned during all the hustle and bustle of the holiday. So, it’s best to give your carpet a deep cleaning before the onset of winter.

At Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning, we are Centennial’s best carpet cleaners. Our experts will deep clean your carpet with the latest equipment and cleaning supplies, removing all the gathered dirt, dust, and debris to prepare your carpet for winter.


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