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How To Prevent Carpet Shrinkage After Cleaning?

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet shrinkage is a common problem that generally occurs after cleaning because of excess heat and moisture. When carpets are over-saturated with water, the fibers can swell and shrink as they dry. As a result, your carpet loses its charm and looks worn out.

Are your carpets becoming a victim of the same issue? If the answer is yes, continue reading this blog. We will explain a few simple tips to prevent your valuable carpet from shrinkage post-cleaning.

4 Simple Steps To Protect Your Carpet From Shrinkage

1. Choose The Right Cleaning Method

To prevent your carpet from shrinking, first, you need to understand what type your carpet is. Depending on your carpet type, you need to employ a suitable cleaning method.

Different carpets, such as wool, nylon, and polyester, respond differently to various cleaning techniques. Employing an inappropriate method can cause the fibers to swell and shrink, leading to an overall deterioration of your carpet’s appearance.

2. Control Indoor Humidity Level

Humidity is one of the most common problems associated with carpet cleaning. When the humidity level is low, carpet fibers release moisture, causing them to shrink. On the other hand, when the humidity level is high, carpet fibers absorb moisture, causing them to swell and allowing the growth of mold and mildew.

Hence, it is essential to maintain indoor humidity by using dehumidifiers and maintaining a level between 40 to 50%. In another way, you can also open windows and doors to let the fresh air circulate in.

3. Limit The Usage Of Water

Carpet fibers can absorb and retain water. When you use excess water for cleaning, it results in the oversaturation of the fibers. Oversaturation can cause the carpet fibers to swell and expand.

Later, as the carpet dries, it releases excess moisture, resulting in shrinkage and distortion of the carpet. Therefore, you should use the appropriate amount of water during carpet cleaning to keep any chance of shrinkage at bay.

4. Avoid Using Harsh Solutions

Harsh cleaning solutions often contain aggressive chemicals that can break down the molecular structure of carpet fibers, causing them to weaken, shrink, or even fade.

Henceforth, to protect your fibers from shrinkage and avoid any chance of fading, make sure you keep bleach, acidic or abrasive cleaners, and strong detergents at bay. Instead, opt for mild, carpet-specific cleaning solutions or hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Summing Up

Carpet cleaning is an easy task for most homeowners. However, it is equally important to do it right away. Otherwise, common mistakes like wrong techniques or excess water usage can shrink and swell your carpet, making it susceptible to permanent damage.

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