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How To Steam Clean A Carpet Properly At Home?

How To Steam Clean A Carpet Properly At Home?

Carpets can't stay fresh forever, and we know that, right? But, with some efficient carpet cleaning methods, we can preserve its attractiveness for a long time. Steam cleaning is one of them. 

Steam cleaning at home can be difficult if you have never done it before. However, with guidance on cleaning, you can steam clean a carpet properly at home. In this blog, we will look at some essential steps to steam clean your carpet at home. 

5 Steps To Steam Clean A Carpet Easily And Effectively At Home 

1. Declutter The Room 

Steam cleaning works best when the room is empty. Declutter as much as you can. Move all the furniture from the room, including chairs, stools, and any decorative pieces on the floor. To protect some heavy furniture from the steam cleaner's dampness, lay pieces of wax paper, foil, wood blocks, or plastic film under the legs.  

2. Vacuum The Carpet 

Vacuum the larger dirt particles and hair from the carpet as steam cleaners are best for extracting tiny particles of filth embedded in carpet fibers. Vacuum the whole room more slowly to ensure you clean almost every inch precisely. 

It is advisable to go over the room twice to collect as much debris as possible. To gather more dirt, circle the chamber again in the opposite direction.

3. Clean Up The Stains

It is usually advisable to eliminate stains before steaming the carpet because steamers cannot always lift embedded stains. If you'd like, try using organic remedies or carpet stain remover. Use a cloth to rub away the stain remover, or let the machine do the work.

(Note: If you use store-bought solutions, test a small part on a hidden part of the carpet.) 

4. Prepare The Steam Cleaner

Fill the steam cleaner with hot water. Look for the capacity in the user manual. On the water tank, look for the max fill line. Ensure the type of carpet; some are prone to defects in hot water. (Do not use steam cleaning on them.) 

Typically, steam cleaners require some detergent, so refer to the machine's directions to use the appropriate type. Use as advised; if you use too much soap, it will seep into the carpet and can make the carpet crunchy. 

5. Clean The Carpet Properly With A Steam Cleaner

Start cleaning at the corner diagonally opposite the room's door or entrance. As you gradually make your way out of the room, begin cleaning in the corner. You can choose where to start if the space has multiple entrances or an open concept. Avoid stepping on the areas that you have cleaned recently.

Steamers work best when you make lengthy passes from wall to wall. Step to the wall on the other side of the corner and back. If your steamer spreads the soapy water forward and sucks it up backward, then pass over the same line twice. 

Go slow while cleaning with a steam cleaner. Going fast can leave residue on the carpet, and mold growth chances increase. Once you have finished cleaning, let the carpet dry. Most carpet takes six to eight hours to dry. Avoid stepping on it before that.

When Should You Call Professionals? 

With the steps outlined above, you can steam clean a carpet properly at home. However, some carpets need extra care as they can be susceptible to steam and wetness. Besides, you may not appropriately use the steam cleaner at home at that time; professional carpet cleaning is advisable. 

Professional steam cleaning solutions are worth it as they use proven procedures and ensure safety precautions while cleaning the carpet.


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