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Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add value and appeal to your property with their elegant looks. But it’s regular cleaning that helps maintain this flawless appearance of your hardwood flooring. Still, sometimes, mishaps during cleaning can result in ugly scratches and marks on your floor.

To prevent this, we will discuss the top hardwood floor cleaning mistakes to avoid. It’ll help you clean your wood floors effectively and ensure they remain spotless for longer.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Using the Wrong Vacuum Setting

Hardwood floors and carpets are two very different types of flooring. So, you shouldn’t use the vacuum setting you use for carpets on hardwood floors. For example, using attachments like a beater brush helps clean the carpet more effectively.

However, using the same on hardwood floors can result in nasty scratches to the flooring. Instead, avoid using any vacuuming attachments on wood floors and use the vacuum as is. 

2. Mopping with a Dripping Wet Mop

Excess moisture is very harmful to hardwood floors and results in dents and warping of the floorboards. Using a mop drenched with water to clean hardwood floors increases the chances of damage to the floor and the possibility of mold growth.

So, when you mop your floors, wet the mop with water or a cleaning solution to prevent moisture from ending up on your flooring. Use a microfiber mop instead of a sponge to avoid water retention.

3. Cleaning with Abrasive Tools

Another mistake to avoid when cleaning hardwood floors is using abrasive tools. It includes tools like steel wool, hard-bristled brushes, and scrapers. These tools can do more harm than good for your floors and increase the number of scratches.

To prevent this, use tools like soft-bristled brushes, sponges, and microfiber mops to clean your hardwood floors. These items will help you clean your floors without causing any significant damage.

4. Spraying Harsh Chemicals

Many homeowners end up using solutions containing harsh chemicals to remove tough stains from hardwood floors. But this can backfire, resulting in permanent stains and fading on your floors.

You should opt for homemade solutions made from household ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. You can also use cleaners with green labels, as they won’t have the harmful chemicals responsible for the damage.

5. Walking on Wet Floors

Walking on hardwood floors when they are wet can nullify the cleaning efforts and lead to additional damage to the floor. The problem is more evident in households with pets and small children who tend to walk on the wet floor despite warnings.

Block off the cleaned areas by placing barriers around them to prevent this. You can also put the kids and pets in another room while the floor dries. Proper drying of the floor is important to protect your floor and to prevent accidents.

6. Keeping Too Much Time Between Professional Cleanings

Lastly, the wood floor cleaning mistake you should avoid at all costs is going too long without professional cleaning. Even if your wood floor doesn’t look dirty, you should get it cleaned at least twice a year.

Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning experts will help you clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Our expert cleaning will remove stains and scratches from your flooring and protect it from further damage. Contact us at 720-447-6865 for spotlessly clean hardwood floors.


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