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Which is better: steam or dry carpet cleaning?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Cleaning your carpets regularly helps keep them in better long-term condition all while preventing allergens and odors. There are a few ways to keep carpets fresh, including steam cleaning and dry powder cleaning methods.

Wondering which of these methods is better for your carpet - or if they have any downsides? Keep reading to discover the advantages and disadvantages of steam or dry carpet cleaning.

The dry carpet cleaning method

When dry carpet cleaning, powder chemicals are applied to the carpet to dissolve stains and deodorize. This can be done by hand or with a machine that ensures even distribution. Though some water has to be applied during this method in order to absorb the dry compound, it is much less than any steam clean method.

To properly clean a carpet using the dry cleaning method, a professional will vacuum the area, pretreat any serious stains, distribute the dry powder compound, apply detergent, solvents, and water, and remove the chemicals and water by vacuuming the area.

The dry carpet cleaning method is a great option for high-traffic areas of your home. The dry powder treatments help fight tough stains and don’t take long to dry. However, the use of dry cleaning chemicals can cause reactions to those with allergies or sensitivity to certain smells, perfumes, or solvents.

The steam carpet cleaning method

Steam cleaning avoids the usage of harsh chemical treatments on carpets. This method focuses on hot water extraction as the main method of removing stains and lifting dirt and debris from carpet fibers. Because of this gentler method, it is safer for use on more carpet styles and fabrics.

During the steam cleaning process, a professional will vacuum your carpet thoroughly before applying a specialized pretreatment spray to help lift stains. Hot water is then injected into the carpet via a high-pressure machine and then lifted out using a customized vacuum that removes all moisture and grime from the carpet.

Though this method can take a little longer to dry, it is best for removing stains and debris found deep within the carpet. Additionally, the steam clean method helps remove allergens, mold, dust mites, and other odors better than the dry carpet cleaning method. With steam cleaning, you can avoid the use of harsh chemicals and residue left behind all while experiencing a fresh carpet that looks like new.

Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning provides a state-of-the art process for steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Steam cleaning ensures the removal of odors, stains, mold and mildew, dust, or grime. Transform your living space overnight with professional steam cleaning services from a hands-on team. Contact Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning for more information about which of our steam cleaning services is right for you.

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