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How Do Magic Steam Co. Experts Get Carpets Super Clean?

How Do Magic Steam Co. Experts Get Carpets Super Clean?

Whether it’s your home or office, keeping carpets well-kept and maintained is crucial. And when it comes to carpet’s upkeep, a regular deep cleanup by experts is a must. 

If you are considering getting your carpets super cleaned by us or just want to know how we work, this is the blog for you. Learn here the overview of how our experts at Magic Steam Co. deep clean your carpet to make it spotless. 

Our Approach to Getting Your Carpet Super Clean at Magic Steam Co.

1. We inspect your carpet to know its type and needs

When you schedule our service, we arrive at your place fully equipped to deep clean your carpet. Our team believes in providing specialized care to each carpet as every carpet is different.

That’s why the very first step we take is your carpet’s complete inspection. We go through your entire carpeting to understand its type, its condition, and its needs. This helps us decide the type of cleaning that will suit it. 

This is also a stage when we keep in mind any heavily soiled areas or stained spots that might need extra attention later. 

2. We pre-vacuum carpets for dry-soil removal

After we’ve had a walk-through of your carpet, we’ll begin our cleaning with a thorough vacuuming session. Our experts use high-powered vacuuming machines that ensure an effective suction of the loose dirt, dust, allergens, and dry soil lying in your carpet fibers. 

We pay thorough attention to the vacuuming process because this helps remove the surface dirt from your carpet. That makes the cleaning effective as our solutions can easily work deep down your carpets in the next steps once the dry soil is removed with vacuuming. 

3. We pre-treat the stains and problem areas

Before we start deep cleaning, we ensure to treat all the heavily-stained areas that need extra attention. These can include high-traffic lanes or any spills or deeply-set stains on your carpet.

If your carpets are in a commercial space, we use stronger, commercial-grade solutions to treat problem areas on your carpet. 

Our team ensures to employ green cleaning agents for effective yet safe treatment of these areas. That’s because we make it a priority that both your carpet and your environment stay safe and harmless while cleaning, especially if your home has kids or pets. 

So, we treat each stain with these agents and let them work on your carpet for an appropriate amount of time. If needed, we also agitate your carpet during treatment if it’s heavily soiled. That speeds up the reaction and helps loosen up the dirt more effectively. 

4. We steam clean your carpet for deep cleanup

Once we finish the pre-treatment of your entire carpet, that’s when we start our deep cleaning. Our experts at Magic Steam Co. use truck-mounted, powerful steam cleaning to deep clean your carpets. 

Our experienced team skillfully steam-clean your entire carpet in overlapping sections. We also take extra precautions by placing mats and corner guards to protect your space. 

The equipment forces high-temperature vapors of steam into your carpet. This effectively loosens all the deep-seated grime in its fibers. This moisture, along with loosened dirt, is then quickly extracted with the equipment.


Our steam cleaning not only tackles heavily soiled carpets. Our professional carpet cleaning also removes pet odors and other stubborn odors, germs, allergens, and other hidden dangers lurking inside your carpet. So, it’s also a sanitization for your carpet. 

Moreover, with every pass, we ensure our high-powered machinery sucks up all the moisture after cleaning. 

5. We fully deodorize your carpet

After we’ve deep-cleaned your carpet, we fully deodorize it. Most of the time, our steam cleaning ensures to remove any lingering odors. But if there is any additional need, especially in case of pet odors, we deodorize it too.

For that, we make sure to use an eco-friendly odor-neutralizer that acts right on the source of odors, instead of masking it. With this, we leave it smelling fresh and odor-free. 

6. We finish with thorough, turbo drying

As a last step after cleaning and deodorization, we begin drying your carpet. Despite ensuring a low-moisture cleaning, we make it a point to dry your carpet thoroughly to leave no traces of moisture behind. That prevents your carpet from shrinkage and other moisture issues. 

Besides ventilating your carpeted rooms, we place turbo dryers to speed up your carpet’s drying. These are powerful machines that thoroughly dehumidify your carpet to leave it fresh and dry, ready to be walked over. 

Why Not Choose Us For The Best Cleaning For Your Carpet?

This was an overview of how our Magic Steam Co. experts get your carpets super clean. We pay attention to details and thoroughness, which makes us your best choice. Our IICRC-certified and experienced team uses cutting-edge equipment and safe solutions while keeping the highest quality standards in mind.

When having us as your choice for carpet cleaning pros, we’ll ensure we work as per your specific cleaning needs to fit your schedule, especially if you are a business. So, contact us at 720-447-6865, and let’s make your carpet spotless again!



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