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How To Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell?

How To Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell?

Whether you’ve replaced your old carpet or shifted to a new home, new carpets are great additions to comfort and appeal. But they often come with a distinctive new carpet smell due to the VOCs and chemicals used during manufacturing. 

Although the new carpet odor goes away with time, it can be irritating until it does. Some sensitive people may also face allergy issues if these smells stay longer. So, if you too are struggling to fight them, read on for some effective tips that will help you get rid of the new carpet smell. 

7 Ways To Remove The New Carpet Smell

1. Air Out The Carpeted Area Thoroughly

Proper ventilation is one of the best ways to speed up the off-gassing of VOCs. While it is ideal to ventilate it even before you install it, airing it out after installation is equally helpful. 

Open the doors and windows of the newly carpeted room. Turn on ACs and fans to improve the ventilation. Air out the area thoroughly for at least 3 days after installation. The circulation of air will help eliminate these new carpet smells over time.

2. Vacuum Every Day After Installation

Besides ventilation, vacuuming your new carpet is also an effective way of reducing those chemical odors. Even if your carpet is new, make sure you vacuum it thoroughly every single day. Besides removing the smell, it is also a great carpet cleaning tip for allergy sufferers.

Moreover, prefer a vacuum that has high efficiency in trapping minute particles like VOCs and other allergy-causing chemical compounds. Choose a vacuum with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and an SOA (Seal Of Approval) seal for better results. 

A regular hoover will help remove these particles from your carpet’s surface. That will reduce the new carpet smell to a great extent when done consistently.

3. Purify the Air With Indoor Plants

When dealing with odors like those of a new carpet, indoor plants can help too. Place a few pots of indoor plants in the room where you’ve installed the carpet. Rubber plants, spider plants, and snake plants are some great options. 

These indoor plants will naturally purify your indoor air, eliminating air-borne contaminants such as VOCs and other chemicals along with their odors. 

4. Use Vinegar

Methods like consistent ventilation and vacuuming will surely help remove odors gradually. But if you need a homemade remedy to fight and reduce these new carpet smells, vinegar is among the ones. 

Simply fill up a few bowls with vinegar and place them scattered around your carpeted area. Keep them overnight and the vinegar will help neutralize the smell to a great extent. 

5. Place Charcoal

Another way is to use charcoal to remove the odor. It is known for its outstanding ability to absorb foul smells and deodorize a space. You can place a few pieces of charcoal in a bowl and leave it in the room to absorb the smell. 

You will see the chemical smell in the air gradually disappearing with time. 

6. Sprinkle Baking Soda

When it comes to killing odors, baking soda is a go-to remedy. It can also be used to get rid of new carpet smell from your home. You can sprinkle some baking soda powder over your carpet. Work it in with a brush or a rake and leave it overnight.

It will soak all the odors and will leave your carpet smelling fresh and odor-free the next morning. Just make sure to vacuum the area thoroughly else the powdery substance can settle deeply in the fibers, leading to a build-up of residue. 

7. Opt For Professional Deep Cleaning

While most new carpet odors tend to disappear within a few initial weeks, some can be stubborn. If these are strong and have been lingering for a long time, having your carpet professionally cleaned can benefit you.

You can opt for our expert steam cleaning service that will effectively help remove the chemicals and other contaminants hiding in your carpet. This will not only get rid of the irritating smell but also help it stay clean for longer.

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